Monday, May 22, 2006

US Airways Lost Me

US Airways Web Site forgot who I am.

US Airways just merged their online systems with America West yesterday.

Unfortunaltely for me, I tried to log on to today.

It seems that after merging the databases, some username/password issues have arisen.

So for me, I can't log in anymore. And when I follow the on screen directions, the system tells me that my username doesn't exist anymore. When I try to create a new one, the sytem tells me that that username already exists to. When I try to create a new unique username with a lot of letters after it like "rgth6u7i768", the system tells me that that username already exists too.

So I called the online help line and after remaining on musicless hold for a while, I got this answer direct from US Airways:
"We still have little bugs to work out, as soon as the bugs are out of there, you can log in and request a new password if needed. Try logging in again in three days."
Ha Ha Ha. LOL. Three days. This is a huge disaster to US Airways/America West.

Think about how many people are not going to use US Airways because they can't log on to make a reservation for THREE DAYS! This problem has not effected all online accounts. I wonder how many?

I usually like to book direct with an airline, but I guess the easiest way to book this filght is through Travelocity.

I bet a lot of pepole who encounter this problem are going to find it easier to give up on logging in and will book a flight elsewhere.

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