Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Belkin Has Bad Packaging

Belkin, you are very bad company, a very bad company.

Why do you package your products in a way that requires you to use a jackhammer to open them?

Probably some type of theft protection.

I examined the package for your 6-port Firwire hub before opening it, but could see no way to get it open without destroying the heavy duty 865 mil plastic.

My bad feelings about destoying your package were confirmed when I just went over to the Apple store to return the hub.

First an Apple Genius had to confirm that the hub was not broken, not a problem.

Then I got the bad news that there would be a 10% restocking fee!

I asked the Apple store clerk if I would have been charged a 10% restocking fee if the package was consumer friendly and I wouldn't have had to destroy it to open it.

"We probably could have waived the fee," he said.


So my wrath is directed at Belkin.

Here's a lump of coal for yor stocking Belkin.

Your theft deterrent copy protection RIAA like scheme has injured an honest consumer.

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