Monday, December 22, 2003

Making the cut: Little did I know what my nephew’s bris -day honor would entail

You can sugarcoat the event with all the Hebrew words, ritual, and good deli platters you want, but when you get right down to it, the bris is brutal business.
Funny article.

But it had a few errors:
The ceremony, which takes place on the eighth day after a male’s birth, is performed by someone in what has got to be the world’s most dubious profession: the mohel . A mohel is a man who circumcises babies. All the time. Not, like, as a side thing, on weekends. No. This is a full-time gig.
A Mohel can be a woman too. A female Mohel performed a bris on my friend's son, and during the day she's a urologist, so it's not always a man and not always a full-time job.

No anesthesia is used for a bris. Just a wine-soaked towel. My dad’s job was to administer the towel at key moments.
Wrong. Anesthesia used. A lot of it in fact. It's a topical anesthesia.

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