Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Sovereign Bank Took $40 From Me!

Sovereign Bank took $10 out of my Savings Account this month, four different times, when my Checking Account balance went to $0. They call it a SWEEP FEE.

Ok, maybe I didn't read the little booklet they sent me, which said their policy changed this month, but $10 per transaction seems a bit high to me.

These people use computers, right?

So tell me why do they want to charge a good customer $10, to transfer money from one account to another, when needed?

Do they actually have people sitting on stools, at high desks, using quill pens, to perform these transactions?

That would help to explain the high cost.

I don't think they do it that way, but who knows?

If Soveriegn Bank considers themselves my financial partner, I want a divorce.

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