Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Is TiVo Really All That Great? - WSJ.com [ subscription required ]

Ah, yes.

TiVo is really that great.

In the Wall Street Journal today there's an article, by Ron Lieber, that talks about Tivo. There's a misleading quote in there.
When the hard drive fills up, the systems make up their own mind about what to delete (ususally the oldest recordings).

Dear Ron,
If systems are making up thier own minds about performing tasks, why hasn't that story made the front page of your newspaper?

Notify Ray Kurzweil that his lifelong dream has been accomplished!

I guess you don't own a TiVo or didn't talk to someone who does, and understands how it works. You are in control of deciding what shows get deleted by a little thing called programming.

You go on to talk about Jose Valentin who, "returned (his TiVo) ... when it failed to record a show he wanted to watch."

Hmm, if I had to guess, I'd say it was a user problem vs. a TiVo problem.

I feel like I'm the proofreader for all the media that comes into the house.

Can't these people get their facts straight?

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