Sunday, December 21, 2003

Big Dig Nightmare: Storrow Drive Exit After Tobin Bridge Onramp GONE!

This is the biggest nightmare of the Big Big.

It's worse though, because more than being a simple nightmare that isn't real when you wake up, this nightmare is real and exists during both the daylight and nightime hours.

The Storrow Drive Exit After the Tobin Bridge Onramp GONE!

North Shore drivers, look closely at today's Boston Globe page B6. You've got NO WAY TO GET ON STORROW DRIVE from Route 1 South and the Tobin Bridge!


Have fun trying to navigate the new EXIT 24-A (Gov't Center, North End, Aquarium, Faneuil Hall).

I tried it this morning at 1:15 AM and it was A NIGHTMARE.

That area is a mess of taxi cabs and red lights during the day.

The next thing you'll see is the filming of Lord of the Rings Part IV over there because of all the fighting between good and evil that will be going on between cars, SUV's and Taxi cabs.

Good bye to a smooth ride onto Storrow Drive forever.

Update: Brian tells me, in the coments, that access to Storrow Drive is still available from the Tobin Bridge.


I was scared there when I didn't see the old exit on 93 South.

Thanks Brian!

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