Tuesday, December 23, 2003

My poor experience with the Apple store staff

I called over to the Apple store and asked if the La Cie dvd drive comes bundled with Toast 6 Titanium now like it says on the La Cie website. The Apple store guy says yes it does.

Ok, next I ask for a Firewire cardbus adapter for my powerbook.

He says they don't have them but they have an external Firewire 6-port hub that works.

So I go over there and someone helps me, we get the La Cie drive and he says, "do you want dvd's with that?"

Must have just got off his shift at Mcdonalds?

Sure give me a 5 pack.

So he does and I notice on the label it says 2x. I know Ravi told me the La Cie is fast so I ask how fast. he does not know and Looks at the box. 4x he says and then asks if i want the 4x dvd's ?

Ah, yes....

So then he shows me the 6-port Firewire hub and takes my stuff to the register.

I now look around.

Ah ha, they have a Firewire cardbus adapter even though the guy on the phone said they didn't.


I go to checkout and ask, "now does this dvd come with Toast 6 Titanium?" The guy reads the box, "yeah it has Toast, let me check." Another guy walks up, he says that it has to have a Toast 6 label on it. He's seen boxes with that label but not in this store.

So I left with only the 6-port hub.

Where's the store genius when you need him?

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