Thursday, December 18, 2003

Welcome to Comcast Double High-Speed Internet!

Comcast says that they just doubled my download speed for free.

If you're a Comcast user in Boston and want to double your download speed, unplug your cable modem for 30 seconds.

People are talking about it over here.

Let's check over at Broadband Reports:

I went from
1780 kbps / 280 kbps
download / upload


2546 kbps / 238 kbps
download / upload.

That doesn't seem like a doubling in speed.

I'll test again later to see if the numbers change.

2258 kbps / 234 kbps
download / upload.

2403 kbps / 236 kbps
download / upload.

Hmm, an upward trend in downloading and a downward trend in uploading.


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