Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Curt Schilling Enters the Shark vs. Bear Debate

This is from the Sons of Sam Horn message board:
Q: His thoughts on the age-old Shark vs. Bear debate...

CurtSchilling38: Ok, one last thing, and it's a no brainer. Bear beats the dogshit outta shark anyday. Sharks are stupid, they eat, they swim, they eat, they swim, the don't stinking sleep and they reproduce at an almost asexual rate. Bears are cunning, bad ass looking, and they are smart enough to take what I would consider a legitimate nap. If I could sleep from game 7 of the world series to opening day I would, wouldn't you? Whatever tactic a shark took, bear standing on rock or not, the bear would figure it out, and kick his ass. Bear, in a landslide.

So someone takes him to task on siding with the bears ...

Q: It is not to be sir. Bears can be fooled by sausage hung from a bag. Sharks are swimming death machines.

Curt replies...

CurtSchilling38: And a fish that chomps down on stinky bloody chum with a 6 foot steel trebled hook sticking out of it is what? Einstein?

PLease, sharks have stinking flippers, FLIPPERS for cripes sakes. Bears have HUGE arms and paws with razor sharp claws. Take away a sharks teeth and you've got a large dolphin, you've got FLIPPER HHAAHAHAHAHAAHA! Take away a bears teeth and you've still got two massive arms with razor sharp claws, vs Flippers hehe, total mismatch on all accounts. Sharks suck, Bears rule. Game Over.
Hi Curt.

Here's a site you might be interested in:

Bear vs. Shark Fight page.

See ya later.

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