Saturday, December 06, 2003

Motorist Registers During Traffic Stop

In less time than it took a North Brunswick patrolman to write a ticket for an unregistered vehicle, the driver got his car registered online Thursday.

When officer Jason Zier pulled over a 1992 Mazda 626 on Thursday afternoon, the vehicle's registration had expired. By the time he'd finished writing up Sean Leach for the infraction, the car was legal again.

That's because the 36-year-old Jersey City man had a cell phone, a friend with a computer who he could reach and the foresight to use the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's online registration service.
He could have done it by phone too. ;-)

It makes the story sound better because his friend used a computer.

It would have been even more exciting if he had used a laptop from his car.

You can renew your registration online in Massachusetts too.
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