Monday, December 01, 2003

Schilling a hit with Henry

(Henry) cited Schilling as a model of performance on the field and active generosity off it. Henry pointed in particular to Schilling's immediate $500,000 contribution to the Jimmy Fund as an example of the kind of player the new ownership has sought. "No one epitomizes that player more than Curt Schilling," he said.

Henry also credited Schilling for spending time during the negotiation process communicating with Sox fans on Internet sites such as Sons of Sam Horn. Schilling even held a chat on the site Saturday night, more than 24 hours after the talks ended.

Henry said he occasionally posts his thoughts on Sons of Sam Horn and sometimes relays ideas or analyses from the site to Sox officials.

He said, "Adults cannot get a better, more informed or timely discussion of important Red Sox issues anywhere."

Welcome to Boston Curt Schilling!

Note: If you feel generous like Curt, you can still donate on my Jimmy Fund Walk page. Makes a good end of year tax deduction.

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