Sunday, April 04, 2004

Critics give it mixed reviews so it's gotta be good.

Jersey Girl reviews.

Dan Saltzman: Weekly Dig review.

We saw Jersey Girl last night.

I liked it and was surprised to see that stapler guy from Office Space in it as one of George Carlin's buddies.

Office Space was also the midnight movie.

Office Space Cafe, a half-baked idea.
Office themed bars have been baked but an Office Space cubicle format restaurant for when you want to just go ahead and, uh, eat by yourself... yeah... Full internet access and phone line. You can also bring a date to feel like you are having an illicit inter-office affair. Or maybe you really are having an inter-office romance and want a change of venue. Wait staff act as hot or annoying co-workers. Placemats look like TPI coversheets.
Office Space Script.

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