Sunday, April 18, 2004

Links from BloggerCon

The Iraq War Reader.

Wendy's Blog.


Jay Rosen - Press Think
- "I only understood 50% of what he said, so I filled in the rest". [ pause ] "That was a joke."

- "Teach people to be interacting citizens."

- "Interrupt Automatic Thinking."

(Journalism <-> Blogging) = Gangs of NY

Christopher Lydon likes I.F. Stone, the genius.

bloglines - people seem to like it.

Best Comment from the Personal TV Networks Session - "I'd like to see a Steve Garfield Channel."

Weblogs Inc.

Bang It Out - A Kosher Comedy Community.

adrants has ads that are like posts - AdverPosts.

Star Wars Kid - The official unofficial Ghyslain website.

Amy's New York Notebook - She's got a photoblog on top of her weblog!


The Blogbook - A guide to legal blogging. - A photoblog community.

Andrew Grumet's Weblog
The highlights for me were learning about Steve Garfield's videoblog and John Perry Barlow's surprise session on "the emotional life of the blogosphere".
Thanks Andrew!

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