Saturday, April 17, 2004

Why is using my complete Donald Trump post on their web page?

Here's the page:

They also took my complete Fantasia Barrino post too.

They are violating the rules of my posted Creative Commons License.

I just asked them to remove the content.

They are removing it and said:
Sorry about that Steve,

It wasn't deliberate, and I will remove the information as soon as possible...

But you do realize that when you post material via RSS you are actually SYNDICATING it, and it will wind up
in people's RSS aggregators, readers, etc. I Actually got your content through an RSS SEARCH ENGINE,
Feedster(, or Daypop(, rather than your site
directly, (I haven never even visited your site) so I believe you are the one sending your information out
for the world to see and use.

RSS by it's nature is "freely syndicatable", and for education purposes was started by netscape and inteded
for webpages originally. "Readers" and "Aggregators" came afterward.

Copyright law has a "fair use" clause, and IMO, when someone has a button that says "Syndicate this" i.e.
an RSS or XML button (I'm not saying you do, but your site does show up in an RSS search engine) then using
that material is "fair use".

Once again Steve, I didn't deliberately take your material, it's already out there for the world to see
and/or use. If you want to restrict your information, take it out of the search engines, or password protect
it or something.

Sorry about all of this.
Shouldn't my Creative Commons License carry through on the RSS feed?

I own my content, right?

Comments please.

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