Tuesday, April 13, 2004

TurboTax Errors for 2003

Here's a quick summary of hte errors I encountered while using TurboTax for the Mac this year:

All my pdf icons turned into little TurboTax hats!
Stupid TurboTax!

After installing turboTax, all my pdf icons turned into little TurboTax hats!

The way to change them back to Preview Icons is to select a pdf file, choose [ Get Info ], then under [ Open With ] choose [ Acrobat Reader 5.0 ], then select [ Change All ] , then go back and select [ Preview ] , and choose [ Change All ] again.

That sets your pdf icons back to the Preview application.

Stupid TurboTax!

There are no FAQs
When you click the FAQ button, TurboTax says:

Requested Help Not Available

Wasn't MacInTax a really old Mac product?
In Tax Help, TurboTax says:

"MacInTax determines"

TurboTax needs an English Grammar lesson

In Tracking Down Your Basis, TurboTax says:
"you has been using TurboTax..."
"you has been using TurboTax..."
"you is not sure..."


In Retirement Plan Distributions, TurboTax says:
"Because you is over 70 1/2, you is required..."


"put in System Folder"
This year there's a folder on the install disk that's called "put in System Folder"

Sounds simple.

When you drag the folder into the System Folder you get an error saying that the System Folder can not be modified.

What's up with that?

So I went over to the Intuit web site for help.

Unfortunatly, the help page references 2002. :-(

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