Sunday, April 18, 2004

Steve Garfield: The Movie

Jason Scott interviewed me in Ferbrary of 2002 for his documentary on BBS's.

Back in 1984, I used to run a BBS called MacBoston. It was a time of 1200 baud modems and dialing into bulletin board systems that people set up on extra phone lines. Many were single line systems, but some supported multiple users. Jason recalls interviewing me about my first encounter with someone else on a multiuser system.
Steve's enthusiasm about the subject comes off pretty handily during the clips I've garnered from the interview, including a really incredible one about the realization of being online in a multi-user environment. In a nice story about bumping onto someone online, he really captures the feeling many people might have with adjusting to meeting a real person across the computer.
He's got a new trailer for BBS: The Documentary up on his website.

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