Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Cick Pepsi to get Ben and Jerry's free iTune

I got a free iTunes song by clicking on the Spread the Vote link I posted yesterday.

So I went to the iTunes store to redeem it based on the instructions in the Ben And Jerry's email:
Once you arrive at the iTunes Music Store, enter the Download Code shown below, and follow the onscreen directions to receive your music download!
Your code is valid until June 25, 2004.
Well guess what?

If you click on the Gift Certificate link, the code doesn't work.

If you click on the Allowance link, the code doesn't work.

If you click on the Prepaid Cards link, the code doesn't work.

You've got to click on the REDEEM SONG icon that shows the Pepsi logo wearing headphones.

Makes no sense and it's not intuitive.

How about showing an ice cream cone wearing headphones? Now that would make more sense. ;-)

So I redeemed my song, Falling, off Joey McIntyre's new 8:09 CD, which was just released yesterday.

Nice tune. Pop with a Beatles sound.

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