Thursday, April 15, 2004

When is a sale at Stop & Stop not a sale?

I went in to Stop & Stop this afternoon and bought the Special K that was on sale.

It was on an end cap with a big sign that read, "BUY 3 and SAVE $5."

I used to work in retail and know that these kinds of signs just want you to buy more than you really want. You usually still get the sale price when you buy one.

So I figured that if I bought one, I'd still get the sale price.

How much do you think one box of Special K, regularly priced at $3.69, ended up costing me?

A. $2.02
B. $3.69
C. $ .86

If you answered A, you calculated the same amount as me, but I wasn't charged that amount.

If you answered C, you are using a calculator with Polish Notation and keyed it in wrong.

If you answered B, you figured out what it cost me.

It seems that Stop & Stop would only apply the sale price to your purchase, if you bought three boxes of Special K.

I don't think that's right.

Consumer Relations at Stop & Shop responds:
The sale was to buy 3 and at the end you would get 5.00 off. I am sorry that you thought that if you purchased 1 you would still get the sale price. I am sorry for any confusion you experienced. Please accept our sincere apologize for any inconvenience you had.

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