Friday, April 16, 2004

BloggenCon Kickoff Dinner

I ate dinner at Durgin Park with a great group of people who are going to be at BloggerCon tomorrow.
Here are some of them:

Ralph Poole of What Ralph Knows who tried out for Joe Mozian's My Life is a Sitcom. His wife Barbara is an artist.

Shimon Rura, who has frassle, a weblog stream of collective consciousness thingie that I need to delve into.

Jessica Baumgart, also known as J of J's Scratchpad. Librarians are sexy and funny. She gave me her business card.

Hei Lun Chan who is part of a group blog, Begging to Differ.

JR took pictures.

Halley wondered if I fit enough words on my name tag.

Sooz says I can wear the nametag for 98 hours and then I have to take it off. She took some pictures too.

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