Monday, April 26, 2004

How do you connect to the Internet?

I went in to CompUSA today to take a look at the new iBooks for my mom.

TVs in a Computer Store?
On my way to the Macintosh part of the store, I walked by the TV section. It was strange to see TVs for sale in CompUSA. I used to work at a CompUSA in Woburn when they first came to the Boston area. Back then there were no TVs in the store. I was in corporate sales and ended up with all the Boston corporate accounts. It was a sweet deal.

Memories of Corporate Sales
Things were going fine, until they opened up the Brighton store. My manager came in and told me that there's an old saying in sales, "You don't own your accounts, you only rent them." What he was telling me was that all my accounts were being transferred to the Brighton store and I was going to have to start over with all new accounts.

It turned out that by having fewer accounts I could focus on them more and it ended up being fine.

HDTV is sweet!
So back to today, as I walked through the TV section, I saw a 50" Plasma HDTV. Whoa! Dude! You know those guys who are staring at the HDTV in the Best Buy ads? That was me in CompUSA. The Celtics game just came on and it was amazing. That TV was even on sale for $500 off. Only $9,499. What a deal. If I ever got a TV like that for my house, I'd need to build another room to fit it.

The Mac Weight Test
So I finally left the TV department ansd went over to the Mac area. I was doing a weight test on the Macs to see which one my mom could lift.

eMac - NO.
iMac - NO.
iBook - YES.

So I'll keep that in mind.


Then a sales man approaches and asks if he can ask me a question. How do I connect to the internet? Cable modem I tell him. He says that's great because AOL Broadband can be added on top of my cable subscription to give me a whole world of entertainment. I told him to save his breath for someone who might be interested. I said that in a nice way. It might seem harsh written here like this, but I was kind.

Getting a cable modem finally freed me from the grip of AOL. [ Goodbye ]

An Aquarium without any of the hassle
On my way out I saw this cool aquarium on a Macintosh. It's probably been around for a long time, but this was the first time I'd seen it.

It's cool. You can download a free three fish marine aquarium demo. It has bubbling water and everything!

My wife is going to be so mad when I leave it running.

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