Friday, April 02, 2004

Take it off the stove! Take it off!

The good thing about cooking with gas is that you can regulate the temperature immediately. Unlike an electric stove, when you lower the temperature on a gas stove it shanges right away.

On an electric stove you've got to be careful since the burners stay hot after you shut them off.

Guess what?

On a gas stove the burner grate stays hot too!

The other night after heatung up some delicious leftovers form Dogwood Cafe, my wife placed the leftover container on the stove, right on top of a burner we had just been using.

All of a sudden it started melting and smoking

That's when I started yelling, "Take it off the stove! Take it off!"


What a mess.

Good thing the food still seemed ok. I guess all the plastic melted away.

Unless it melted into the food.

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