Thursday, April 08, 2004

Wild animals are trying to reclaim the city

I had to stop the car on Pond street right in front of the Showa Boston for this turkey who was walking in my lane, straight towards my car.

Good thing I had my little camera to take a shot.

Unfortunately, the camera is digital and it was in PLAY mode, so when I turned it on, I couldn't snap a shot right away.

Then I switched it to record and finally was able to get a shot off at the turkey, but he was already on the sidewalk.

My neighbor tells me that there's a herd or gaggle of turkey that live up by Hellenic College. I'll have to take a walk up there sometime.

In other overrun by wildlife news, the racoon cage has now been reset with 9 Lives cat food. Maybe that'll catch the terror racoons.

Also, now there a loud tapping sound on the side of my house. So loud in fact, that it woke me up.

I think it's a Starling that's knocking on the side of the house. Cute name for a loud bird.

I don't think it's a woodpecker, haven't seen any of these around.

I ran outside with my binoculars, while dressed in my sweatpants and slippers to catch a glimpse of the annoying bird.

So as I'm standing out on my side walk with binoculars trained at the roof of my house, my neighbors walks by. Ha.

I told her what I was looking for. Then we recapped the wildlife invasion and it's status.

Squirrel - Caught and removed to Revere.
Possum - Captured and removed.
Racoons - Still on the loose.
Starling - Status unknown.

My neighbor told me that she woke up to what she thought was a woman's scream. It was a racoon.

Probably upset at the removal of her friends, the squirrel and the possum.

I bet that that squirrel that we banished to Revere told his bird friends to fly over here to annoy us!

To be continued...

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