Saturday, December 25, 2004

Best Bartender in Boston!

Last night we went out for an early dinner at Smith & Wollensky. Whoa! That place is nice.

We sat at the bar and were served by Michael and another bartender, who I think was Christy. We had the best time.

First of all, The National Scrabble Championship was being rebroadcast on ESPN. How lucky can you get?

We ordered a few drinks and split a meal. A salad split in two was huge! We had hte special house salad which included those cute little pear shaped tomatoes, potato croutons and warm mushrooms. Hello?

The bread basket had to be the best bread basket ever delivered. In addition to an amazing flat bread, and warm Irish Bread, they had pretzel bread! Yup. Soft, warm, and salty pretzel bread. The mustard butter that you spread on that really topped it off nicely.

After eating all this I was thinking about cancelling the dinner. Not.

Then we had a split filet.

After we were done, I asked Michael if he was the best bartender in Boston. He said that actually he was voted as the best in boston for something like five years in a row. We asked him how they decide these things and he told us that there is a ballot in the last Improper Bostonian magazine. There's a link on the Improper Bostonian Home Page.

I'm off to vote for Michael! If you end up at the Smith & Wollensky bar, tell Michael that Steve sent you.

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