Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Lauren Feldman is featured in this video I edited from footage that was shot by Mark Wuerthner.

The concept and design was initially used for an orginal video by Adam Grinovich called Looking Glass.

What does it mean? you ask.

Hey, it's art!

Earlier this year I was working at MoovLab Boston, producing videos for VOOM's MOOV channel. ON the VOOM network everything is in HD.

The MOOV channel was an arts channel that was like, dare I say it, video wallpaper. Everyone's idea of what is art is different. When I first walked though the door I had my own ideas as to what was art and at the end of my time there, my definition had expanded to include everything.

Part of my job was to digitize the HD footage as part of the process of putting together half-hour segments for broadcast. As I was going through the source tapes of this shoot, I was mesmerized by Lauren. So I took the footage and edited my own piece. Adam liked it an gave me his permission to post this remix of his original idea. He said:
It looks great, I love it, totally changed the feel and pace of the whole thing, real masterful.
Thanks Adam.

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