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Monday, December 20, 2004

Podcasting Article in Boston Globe

Peter J. Howe wrote up a nice article on Podcasting in today's Boston Globe, Computer, microphone, iPod make broadcasting personal.

Peter interviewed me for the story and writes:
''The cool thing about podcasts is I listen to them when I want to," said Steve Garfield, 46, a video producer and editor from Jamaica Plain who has tuned into a podcast called ''Trade Secrets" since it went live on Sept. 1. The show is co-produced by Adam Curry, a former host on the MTV music video channel, and Dave Winer, a software developer who has produced a Google-style search engine called iPodder. Winer's service not only tracks down podcasts, it arranges for new ones to be automatically syndicated to listeners' devices, which can just as easily be personal computers as iPods.

Garfield loves loading up his iPod, before taking a long walk around Jamaica Pond, with the latest edition of ''The Dawn and Drew Show," the real-life and often off-color bantering of a husband and wife in rural Wisconsin. He also likes downloading one of the few mass-market shows now being podcast, ''Morning Stories" on Boston's WGBH-FM public radio station.
A couple of points in the artcle should be clarified, I really said that I've listened to the 'Daily Source Code" since it's first podcast, August 13, 2004.

Dave's page isn't a search engine, it's a resource page for the ipodder platform and provides links for downloading the iPodder application and a podcast directory. His lists the last 100 podcasts.

iPodderX is a podcast receiver and directory.

You know, it would be nice if the Boston Globe made the links in their stories clickable.

I sent an email to Peter and he replied:
I am sorry I botched the name of the show to which you listen. Also trying to explain ipodder to a non-hip non-with-it readership ...

The web page to which I was referring I think got mangled by the editors

This is the thing I was calling a pseudo-Google of podcasts:
That's reassuring.

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