Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Paula was Maude

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I went to a funeral today for Paula Schultz, the sister of my best friend, and heard an amazing tribute by a young cousin, Brett.

He spoke of their relationship as being like that of Harold and Maude. It was their favorite movie to watch together. Brett talked about how Paula lived each day at a time and always looked to help others.

That speech, at that moment, was so real. It's moments like that that Jay wants to capture in video blogs.

I spoke to Brett later and found out that he didn't even write it beforehand. It was in inspiring moment.

On the way up to the funeral I listend to Adam Curry's most recent podcast through my iRock, which plays the iPod on the car radio. It started getting static. How could an iPod get static? It was the station I was tuned to, 88.1 A local college radio station was cutting in.

So here's an audio post, made this afternoon about all that.

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