Friday, December 24, 2004

Losing my religion

Maybe losing all my bookmarks, subscriptions and RSS feeds is a good thing.

I'm sitting here this morning, visiting a few of my favorite web sites. When I get there, I save the bookmark. Then I take a look at their favorites and see a few of mine. So, I go visit and save a few more bookmarks.

Now I've started to set up a few folders for my favorite bookmarks. There's News, Blogs, Video, Macintosh, and TV and Radio. But wait, I really should be saving these site's RSS feed to add it to my feedreader. Going to a web site to read it is so 2004. Ha!

But not really. I enjoy viewing the sites, with all their happy holiday graphics.

Tabbed browsing allows me to automatically open up all my favorite sites, yet RSS feeds allow me to see only those sites that have been recently updated. Hmm. A dilemma.

I guess I'll set up just a few of my favorites in my feedreader. Btter yet, maybe I'll finally start using and do it all online.

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