Monday, December 13, 2004

Imogen Heap is singing new song

Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go [ mp3 ]
Exclusive pre-release download
Price: £0.79 GBP (Approx $1.50)

What is cool about this is that she's selling the song directly from her own website.

"Goodnight and Go" (Sample Clip)

Here's what Imogen says about it:
This song was featured in the OC on 9th Dec...You'll hear some crazy guitar from the middle section to the end...that's my mate Jeff (Beck!). He came into my studio in the last few frantic days of me finishing the album. I just HAD to get him on there somewhere! He's totally amazing....
Imogen Heap is my favorite artist. I am so looking forward to her new album when it comes out next year. This track is amazing as is Imogen.

You might have heard her song Let Go on the soundtrack from the movie Garden State.

Imogen Heap's album Details at

Zach Branff's Garden State Blog.

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