Monday, December 27, 2004

Bank of America: Making it harder

Dear Bank of America,
It's nice to see all your pretty red signs go up all over town. You sure can't miss your ATM locations!

One thing I'm not happy with is your change to my ATM Fleet Cash feature. It's not fast anymore

The way it used to work is that I could key in my PIN # and press the Fleet Cash button from the ATM login screen. Money, cash and a receipt would pop out and I'd be on my merry way. The amount of money that popped out was set by me ahead of time.

Now you've done away with a user defined amout. You must log in, select Fast Cash, press the amount you'd like to withdraw, and if the amout you'd like is not listed, you have to push 'other' and then enter your amout and 'enter'.

So a step that used to take the press of one button, now takes many more steps.
The Fleet Cash feature that allows Fleet customers to withdraw a single, preset amount of money from ATMs will be renamed Fast Cash, and will give you the option of withdrawing several preset amounts.
Please bring back 'Fleet Cash' and while you're at it, let us buy stamps at the ATM again.

Steve Garfield

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