Tuesday, December 28, 2004


In Mac OS X 10.2.X if you get the error message server-error-service-unavailable when trying to add a printer, here's how to fix it!
Create a New Folder on the desk top by pressing Shift+Command+N.
Rename the folder cups.
Click Go in the menu bar then Go to Folder
Enter /var/spool
If there is a cups folder, drag it from the folder and into the trash (if there is no folder, go to Step 6).
Hold down the Command key as the folder is dragged out of the finder window. Release the Command key as the folder is about to be deposited in the trash. This removes the need for authentication.
NOTE: You must be an administrative user whoever for this function to work
If there was no cups or you removed it, drag the new folder into the /var/spool finder window, authentication might be required.
Reboot the Mac
Open the Hard Drive and go to Applications, Utilities and open Disk
Select Partition in use
Select the First Aid tab.
Press the Repair disk permissions button and allow it to complete.
Worked for me!

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