Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Current TV's new submission policy

Found this on JD Lasica's blog, New Media Musings: Current TV's new submission policy:
Current License FAQ

Okay, here goes: You upload your video to the Current website. As part of the upload, you give us a three-month option on your piece, which means that you agree to let us (and only us) evaluate it for up to three months. If lots of people in our online Screening Room (opening August 1) like it, there’s a good chance we’ll exercise that option and buy the exclusive rights to broadcast the piece.

If we do, we’ll pay you based on a graduated scale.

If we don’t, after the three months are up you can do whatever
you want with it.

What is this pay scale you speak of?

Here’s a handy table:

First piece: $250
Pieces 2 and 3: $500 each
Pieces 4 and 5: $750 each
Pieces 6 : $1000 each

Print THAT out and stick it on your fridge!
Now Current TV has a sliding scale for videos and it looks like when you submit something it will go into an online screening room for evaluation. That is going to open on August 1st.

I'd like to hear more about it, and would like to know if EVERY video submitted goes online. If so, then I'd be able to link to it on my blog.

That's the thing about creating this media, we want it to be available right away online, so if the new submission policy allows anyone to see it right away, that would be attractive to me.

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