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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Audioblog: Art Mob ICA

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Art Mobsters:
Andy Carvin Blog Post.
This evening, I joined a group of Harvard Berkman Bloggers at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art for an "art mob." We would all explore the ICA's current exhibit and blog, vlog and podcast our perspectives.

Andy Carvin podcast

Mal Watlington.
What follows is an impromtu interview with some of my blogging peers, during which they reveal a diversity of technique . . . one of the aspects of the blogging culture that makes this emerging form of public conversation a constantly unfolding surprise.
Josh Ain:
I'm here in the 'getting emotional' exhibit at the Boston institute of contemporary art, liveblogging with the group from the berkman center. I'm sitting in the middle of the 'feelings portrayed' room, and it is all faces. ... My keypresses puncture the relative silence of the room with staccato breaks. ... The people on the walls are uncomfortable. I'm sitting on the floor, uncomfortable. Yet, this is my favorite room of the exhibit.
Shimon Rura.

Lisa Williams.