Monday, June 27, 2005

Akimbo Delivers Video Blogs

Akimbo Delivers Video Blogs:
"Five of the Internet’s most popular video blogs are now available on the Akimbo Service, including Rocketboom, FreshWave.TV, Clint Sharp’s Vlog, Steve Garfield’s Video Blog and “The Carol and Steve Show,” and more are added each week. For the first time, these leading-edge video programs are available on TV alongside those from household names like A&E, BBC, CNN, HGTV and Cartoon Network."
I'm quoted:
Video bloggers are enthusiastic and prolific content providers. We produce unique and sometimes quirky video for an audience who wants to see and interact with us. It’s only natural that many will want to watch our programs on their TVs.

With the Akimbo Service, the ‘Carol & Steve Show’ becomes a part of the Akimbo Guide, right up there with mainstream cable and studio providers, and lets us find a whole new audience that will enjoy our shows,” said video blogger Steve Garfield. “By adding video blogs, Akimbo is democratizing video distribution to the TV and we hope that as more people get to see what video bloggers are doing, they'll join in and participate in the citizens’ media revolution.”

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