Saturday, June 11, 2005

Videoblogger Videoconference: Today at 3:00 PM EDT

Videoblogger Videoconferences - Voxmedia Wiki:
We are scheduled for 12 noon PDT = 3pm EDT = 7pm GMT video conference.

All are welcome.

room is open ten minutes prior for newbies and sound and audio testing please see wiki for agenda and add the items you want to discuss - also other details, archives, participant lists, etc

please add yourself to the participant list: name, vlog, IM, rank and serial number please (if you are new to wiki, just click edit and make like everyone else - register if you like).

Conference NEWBIES Please Note:

1. This is kinda like a walkie-talky. You press the big bar to add/remove your self from queue when wanting to speak (a hand icon will appear/disappear).
2. You MUST press big button when finished speaking to let others have turn.
3. There is a chat tab. Use it please. If you are not sending/receiving audio or video, people can let you know.
4. Do NOT encourage Clint to put his cat on top of his dog.
5. Know that it is ok to drop in anytime during the conference if you can't join at the start.
This is a very cool technology that lets anyone with a webcam/video camera join in on a video conference to both see and talk to each other.

Check it out even it you are not a video blogger. You might want to become one after the conference is over.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Steve, great blog, I think you are right on the mark, with bandwidth access growing, online video is going to become even more important.

    I'd be interested in hearing from you on how companies are using video to provide service to their customers.

    John Cass

  2. One of the exciting new ways for companies to use video is for people in the company to start video blogging.

    This gives the company a human face and a way for people to connect to a real person from the company.

    Real conversations can happen.

    There are lots of other ways to use video because it is such a rich media for telling stories.

    The blogging aspect allows people to subscribe to these videos and receive them automatically using RSS 2.0.

    The comments ability of blogs allows a conversation to happen.

    And permalinks allow the message to spread when other bloggers link to your blog posts.

    Finally, Google will read you text content assiciated with your blog post, and publicise your content.