Monday, June 20, 2005

Videoblogging: It's a continuum

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group - June 21st BOSFCPUG Meeting on FINAL CUT STUDIO:
Videoblogger Steve Garfield will briefly talk about the advantages of putting your video up on the web in a videoblog. When you put your video in a blog, a whole new audience will be able to see your work. Much like the explosion of audio with podcasting, video on the web is about to explode as more and more people progress through the continuum: Watch, learn, create, teach.

Steve will also mention participating in the joint Tech Superpowers, Inc. and BOSFCPUG 'Going Mobile' booth at Macworld Conference and Expo Boston July 11-14th, in which the BOSFCPUG will launch a QuickTime Streaming Server in which members of the Boston digital filmmaking community can upload content to view on their respective websites and on the BOSFCPUG website.

Garfield is the Boston Correspondent with Rocketboom, a daily internet videoblog. His videos are also featured on the video blog channel of Akimbo, whose set-top box connects your broadband Internet service to your television set."
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