Thursday, June 09, 2005

You can listen to poscasts without an iPod

Clea Simon writes WBZ gears up for podcasting:
The Infinity initiative will start next month with New York station WINS. The only other details announced thus far about the upcoming launch is that it will offer customized reports designed for iPod listeners, as opposed to the simple computer streaming of the station's live broadcasts.

Infinity isn't designing custom reports just for iPod listeners. You can listen on your computer too, or any portable media player. I'll explain it one more time.

Customised reports are designed for downloading to your computer via an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures.

These reports are automatically downloaded to your computer by an aggregator such as ipodder, iPodderX, ANT, etc.

You subscribe to the programs that you want to hear, and they are transfered to your computer when there is a new show.

At that point you can choose to listen to the show on your computer OR transfer it to a portable media palyer, of which one option is an iPod.


  1. It sure would have been helpful if something like "blogcast" or "audioblogging" had been adopted instead of "podcast." It seems to make sense why people get confused since "pod" is in the name. :(

  2. Dear Lord no, spare us from more poetry by Carl Stevens!