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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Who is Pete Grondal?

Sometimes you meet someone who is like a force of nature. Their enthusiasm for what they are doing is contagious.

I met Pete Grondal at Gnomedex 2005.

How did we meet?.

He shoved a camera in my face and started shooting questions at me.

"Can video on a blog be called a video podcast," he wanted to know.

"Is podcsating a genre or a technology?"

On day two of Gnomedex he had at least 14 interviews from day one all edited to share. I was blown abway by the quality of the content and editing. He really captured the energy of his subjects. Everyone at Gnomedex is passionate about blogging, and Pete captured that passion in his videos.

He put the videos he had edited onto a USB drive and gave them to whomever wanted them under Creative Commons. I know he gave a copy to me, Bre and Clint.

I've uploaded his interview of me to share. It's a classic.

Steve Garfield at Gnomedex. [ Windows Media 22.9 MB ]

Right now Pete has an MSN spaces blog.

I hope that he starts sharing all his videos there so we can subscrive with an RSS 2.0 feed.

Pete Grondal, one of the reasons that Gnomedex 2005 was such a success!

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