Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Musical Baton

I saw that Lisa had written about this Musical Baton meme and found it interesting. She then passed the baton to Sooz who passed it along to me.

Here goes:

Music on my hard drive: 1.25 GB, 11.2 hours.
After my hard drive crashed I decided to only load back the songs that I liked the most. Not the whole CD, like I did when I first imported everything into iTunes. So I've got a library, that when played in shuffle mode, always plays a song that I like.

The last CD I bought was:
Dream #29 by Cindy Bullens. I bought it directly from her from her website. I've been a big fan for a long time.

Song playing right now:
None, but it would be anything by Imogen Heap and if I had to pick one song it would be Let Go by Frou Frou (Imogen and Guy Sigworth), which was used on the Garden State soundtrack.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Agenda Suicide - The Faint
Life in Mono - Mono
A Letter From Home - Ulrich Schnauss
Chemicals - The Control Group
Rock You Gently - Jennifer Warnes
How Soon is Now (Smiths Cover) - tATu

Five people I am passing the baton to:

I dropped the baton.

Let's do this.

I'm passing the baton to the people who read this blog.

If you are reading this, and want to grab the Musical Baton from my hand, go for it and post a link in the comments to your blog post.

Here it is...

Grab it!

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