Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vlogs on TV

Last night Carol came home and we watched The Carol and Steve Show on TV!

I'm evaluating the Akimbo Service and am one of the first videobloggers to have my vlogs available for viewing along with Clint Sharp, Rocketboom and Shai Coggins of Freshwave.TV


I hooked the Akimbo up wirelessly to my Apple Airport using the included wireless adapter. After a brief pause for setup, a progam guide appears and you choose progams that you'd like to watch. After choosing the programs, the Akimbo unit schedules them for download.

I took this oportunity to have dinner.

A little while later I checked the Akimbo unit and the shows that I had selected for download were available for watching.

I'm a huge fan of TV and actually seeing my show being displayed on TV was a rush. It's different than watching videos on a computer.

Now that my content needs to be bigger to show clearly on a TV, I've worked with Sean Gilligan of vblogcentral to have him encode my videos into 640x480 WMV.

For months and months Jay Dedman has been trying to get us to think about a future where people would be able to watch our vlogs on TV. I'd questioned that vision bacause when the vlog gets put on TV it looses some the things that make it a video blog.

Akimbo does have a small text area that displays a portion of the blog post's text, but it doesn't have any of my embedded links. There's no way to leave comments either.

I added an email address at the end of my video, for Akimbo viewers, so they can email me comments. we'll see if I get any.

Akimbo does have a subscription method, so you can subscribe to a vlog and have all new shows automatically downloaded. That's cool. It uses my RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures for that!

Carol never thought The Carol and Steve Show would get on TV. On January 1st of this year I made a New Years resolution to create The Carol and Steve Show to get Carol involved in videoblogging.

I told her that if we kept up a regular schedule of shows, anything could happen. I said at that time that we could even end up on TV. She never thought it would only take five months.

It's exciting. I'll be following this area very closely, who knows where it could lead?


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Steve. And, thanks for the link as well. I can only imagine what it's like, as we don't get Akimbo yet Down Under. :-) But yes, it IS exciting.

  2. Glad you're enjoying it Steve. It is cool the first time you watch video blogs on TV while laying back on your couch.

    Regarding Jay's comments... he's right. Akimbo isn't trying to replace the 'true' videoblog experience... the real experience of videoblogs is the interaction, the comments, the links elsewhere... Akimbo is just a part of that, a way to watch the video content in a way that is different and, in some ways preferable. We're also about demonstrating that democratization of video into the living room TV...

    So maybe it's best to think about it like podcasting... listening on your iPOD provides no interaction experience whatsoever, no links, no feedback. Nor would watching video on your cellphone or PSP... but sometimes one output device is still preferable and you use other methods or devices for the interaction/feedback part.

    It's an experiment that's evolving... right now we're trying to balance the needs of the very large providers like BBC, CNN, A&E who want to distribute this way, with those of the long-tail... video bloggers, individuals, and small companies who see iVoD (internet video on demand) as their first real way to reach the living room TV.

    Thanks, keep the comments coming...

    sorry so verbose...


  3. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for that comment!

    Your analogy to the iPod and podcasting is brilliant.

    I actually hadn't thought about it like that before, but you are right on.

    I also like "democratization of video into the living room TV"



  4. Wow, Josh, it's nice to see someone at Akimbo out here in the wild. How can I get an Akimbo to review. ;)

    Steve, I'm jealous. You and rocketboom both getting to review it first. How'd you swing that?

    BTW, While I love that Akimbo has evem been forward thinking enough to include RSS based video content I do think much of the future in vlogging lies on the portable devices as they're much more personal in nature for this personal media. It's not just about on demand, or timeshifted content. It's about space shifting. Anytime, Anywhere.

    Though I would take one of these anyday over cable TV.

    -Mike of

  5. thanks michael, i do try to get out "into the wild" as often as possible...

    i don't disagree about portable devices becoming big... stay tuned, we'll be supporting them, but we've got our hands full as a tiny little company right now with 1) getting the Akimbo service deployed into some big set-top box devices (very cool!) and 2) signing up lots more content.