Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rock Star:INXS Rocks

Rockstar INXS is my favorite TV show right now. It's the one show that I watch almost live. After my TiVo records about 20 minutes of it, I'm watching.

Of the final Five, I think J.D. is going to be the next to go. INXS has to pick people that they are going to want to work with and J.D. doesn't seem to fit the bill.

Now that all the other girls with blonde hair are gone, it's easier for Suzie to stand out. She did an amazing job with the Queen song and her personality really shined.

Jordis has a solo career ahead of her. Loved her rendition of Imagine.

My prediction for the winner: Mig. He has got it all and would be good in a group.

I hope the show comes back again, so Brooke Burke stays on TV. ;-)


  1. I think everyone in the top 5 has a solo career ahead of them. Honestly, if I were them, I'm not sure I'd want to win. I'd almost prefer using it as a launchbed for my new solo career.

  2. 10 Reasons Why Rockstar/INXS is Better Than American Idol
    by XK9

    1. Better Songs. John Lennon vs. Barry Manilow. Nuff said.
    2. Better (Live) Band. Karaoke is for karaoke bars not TV. The House Band rocks.
    3. Better Contestants. Exhibit A: Suzie MacNeil vs. Diana DeGrossout. Case closed.
    4. Better Host. Brooke (Yummy) Burke vs. Ryan (Dummy) Seacrest.
    5. Better Judges. At this point, who can take Paula Abdul seriously?
    6. Better Set. Rockstar uses the Mayan Theatre in downtown L.A., where real bands have played.
    7. Better Drama. It's fun to hate J.D. Fortune (if for nothing other than his name).
    8. Better (Kinder) Farewells. It's cruel to make someone sing after they've been kicked off the show.
    9. Better Production. The fact that they produce a show that looks this good "live" is amazing.
    10. Better Prize. Quick. Who won this year's American Idol? Gotcha? It wasn't Bo Bice. Carrie Underwood is now doing candy bar commercials and touring with Scott "Scary Eyes" Savol and company. Name one song by Ruben Studdard. Aren't you astonished that Kelly Clarkson has had a hit? What happened to Fantasia? The winner of RS/INXS (Mig or Marty) will tour the world next year. Carrie Underwood will probably tour shopping malls.

  3. Nice call guy. It was obvious that Marty didn't have the voice for the INXS songbook.

  4. Well you missed that call. It was obvious that Marty didn't have the voice for the INXS songbook.

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I can't belive that after watching all season, I missed the finale!! Who won? I thought from the beginning the MIG was the best fit for the group. I think that Marty is too hard rock for INKS. Please tell me who won!!