Monday, January 09, 2006

Apple HDTV in the Home of the Future

Macworld keynote countdown - Engadget:
"The latest rumor says Apple plans to get all Blue Man Group and catapult itself onto our living room walls, where it will stick in the form of HDTV flat panels for the new Intel Viiv platform."
One thing I loved as a kid was the GE Home of the Future at Disney World.

GE's Circle of Progess, it was called and it had a song and everything. I'm sure you can find whole websites devoted to it, adn I've probably linkned to it in the past, but that's not important right now.

Yeaterday was the last day of CES, and tomorrow is Macworld. This was my first trip to CES and I need to spend a few hours writing up a lot of the highlights that I saw.

But since the Macworld keynote is tomorrow, I'll have to say a quick word about the Microsoft/HP Home of Today that was in the parking lot of CES. They built a house right there!

It showed not the FUTURE but the PRESENT of what you can do with Windows Vista and the Media Center PC.

There were about 10 rooms, and each had computers in them. As each room's guide told us, "you can see who is at the front door, and you can watch four TV shows at once." Yup. Eight out of ten guides told us and demonstrated the same thing.

A side note: Your oven can also be a refrigerator that is controled over the internet.

Sharp Aquos
So back to Macworld. Based on what I saw at CES, I am expecting to see hundreds of HDTV's at the Apple booth, connected to Apple Centrino Duo Laptops allowing you to have access to your media from anywhere. Music, photos, video, stored in your home or on the net, will be available for you with the Macintosh ease of use. Gotta happen.

Computers hooked up to HD TV's rock. The Sony Playstation 3 had a huge crowd around it asking each other, "Will this blow away the Xbox?"

Although I'm still working on digesting everything I saw at CES , I'm excited to see what Macworld has in store.

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