Monday, January 23, 2006

Save Our Internet

The fingers for the W, in www, and a globe from the pinky and thumb... by mary hodder, uploaded from flickr.

Dan Bricklin writes about last night's 'Save the Internet' meeting at David Weinberger's:

Mary Hodder and some others were in town tonight and David Weinberger invited some people over to his house to schmooze about saving the Internet and other topics.
Dan walked around, with an R-1, and made a podcast, take a listen.

Meeting people at David Weinberger's, a Dan Bricklin's Log Podcast [ mp3 ]

About half way in I talk to Dan Bricklin about the excitement of reporting for Rocketboom.

Steve: "authentic voices of people telling their stories", "a great example of letting the true voice of people come through"

Dan: "it sounds like a friendly home type of thing"

We then get into a discussion of the sound of Roecketboom...

Dan: "It adds an element of being from somebody like a friend doing it"

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