Sunday, January 22, 2006

A vlogging interview experience

Here's a recap of a phone conversation I had with a newspaper reporter from New Hampshire. I never heard back if the story ever made the paper. So here it is...

A reporter from a New Hampshire newspaper calls me on Saturday night at 7:00 PM on my cell phone.
Reporter: Can i ask you some questions.

Me: Well i just arrived at a party.

Reporter: How about I call back at 9:00?

Me: Do you have a deadline?

Reporter: Wednesday, how about Wednesday?

Me: What about Sun, Mon, Tues?

Reporter: I am on vacation those days.

Me: OK, let's do this in 10 minutes.

So this reporter won't interrupt his vacation, S/M/T, to call me and ask questions, but wants me to interrupt a party I'm at, at 7 pm on a Sat night, to answer HIS questions!!!?


I live videoblogging 24/7 but this reporter just treats his work as a job...

Here's some of the interview that I transcribed:
Reporter: When did you start videoblogging

Me: Jan 1, 2004.

Reporter: Can you make money at it?

Me: Not everyone is doing this to make money some of us are doing it to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. In the past videos were stashed away in shoeboxes , now with sites like our videos will live on.

There will be ways to make money and a sponsorship would be nice.

Brightcove is going to enable video producers to make money through sponsorships and advertising with their solution. At some point that and other solutions will be available to videobloggers.

Reporter: Videoblogging seems like it's going to far surpass podcasting in popularity.

Me: I enjoy both.

I listen to Podcasts when I work out, or while working when I don't need to give listening my full attention. I watch Videoblogs on the computer or on Akimbo on my TV.

Reporter: What do you see as the future?

Me: Democratization of media, as with Akimbo today, I am on the same playlist as BBC and CNN, now with distribution to Windows Media Center PC's I have a lot more viewers.

We'll see this increase with new solutions for distribution of meadia to tv's like Tivo just announced podcasting support and if they can distribute audio to tv, I'm sure they will be distributing video too, that's their business.
After this interview, Tivo started carrying Rocketboom.


  1. did you record this interview?
    if you did, why not provide the podcast?

  2. Nope, I didn't record the interview since I was at a party with my cell phone.

    Transcribed probably wasn't the correct wording.

    Why would you want to hear audio?

  3. Why would anyone want to hear anything? :)

    I say all things being equal, you want a record of events. Cover it all. Images, video, you name it.