Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Watch Rocketboom Today

Watch Rocketboom today for my report on NECN's citizen media initiative.


  1. It's RocketSteve!

    Per his post on lostremote.com, Steve Safran seemed surprised that the interview appeared on Rocketboom(?)

  2. He's probably surprised that it ended up online at all, since I did it a while ago.

    I usually tell people that reports I do will at least make it onto my video blog, and that I submit them to Rocketboom.,

    It's up to Rocketboom if they air over there, in part or as a whole report.

    I'm happy when they choose to use hte whole piece unedited like they did with today's report.

  3. It's definitely more of an engaging experience (for me) when they do use the whole segment (hence RocketSteve!)