Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Hypothyroid Story

A Hypothyroid Story: Feeling brave!.

Alt.Support.Thyroid Newsgroup website.

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  1. It seems like all the hypothyroid stories I've read complain of how much the synthetic thyroid hormones just don't work. I don't think the doctors listen, though.
    The thyroid experts around here wanted to burn my entire thyroid out with radiation, when half of it had gone seriously toxic. They insisted that synthetic thyroid hormone was as good, if not better, than the natural kind.
    Thank God I didn't listen to those idiots. Thank goodness I'm not too trusting to do my own research.
    I found a surgeon to remove only the toxic half of my thyroid instead and, once it was gone, the dormant half woke up and started working. I have perfect thyroid balance now without any drugs or anything. I've been thyroid healthy for almost two years now.

    Ok, sorry for blabbing. Interesting link and story, there. Thanks.