Monday, January 16, 2006

Sam Adams Brewpub: Pinebank

On January 10th a public meeting was held to report on the future of the Pinebank Mansion on Jamaica Pond.

It now sounds like the remaining structure will be dismantled.

A Vision for the Future
That opens the door for the local Boston Beer Company, brewers of Samuel Adams Beer, to step in and build a new pondside structure at the top of the hill. Let's have Harpoon Brewery chip in too. Don't worry, there'll be wine too.

For food, let's have local restaurants participate.

By this summer, we'll be heading over to Jamaica Pond on a warm summer day to sit outside and enjoy a cold, fresh Sam Adams beer with a Cuban Sandwich provided by El Oriental de Cuba.

There will be an outdoor performance space, and live music will be playing, with an art exhibition space nearby, run by James Hull of the Green Street Gallery.

I have a dream.

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