Monday, January 16, 2006

Greater Boston on Vloggers

The January 9th edition of WGBH's Greater Boston had a segment on Web Cams, which focused on cute pandas in cages and local video bloggers.

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Mike Milliard of the Boston Phoenix was there to explain it all to host Emily Rooney. Featured in the segment were Rocketboom, DriveTime, The Carol and Steve Show, Vlog Soup, Welcome To Amyville.


  1. Hey -- you trimmed off the DriveTime clip!

    The video quality is troubling -- looks like it came off of crappy VHS tape! ;-)

  2. Peole can always watch the DriveTime clip over at your site.

    I'll give you the VHS tape back and you can delete me.

  3. Haha! You guys are so famous! Too famous to meet up for another night of trivia?

  4. Nice work Steve! Rockin'!