Monday, January 16, 2006

Bank of America Site Key is Stupid

Bank of America has a new security feature called SiteKey. You select a photo and then, when you revisit the site, the picture shows up.

A random clip art picture. One that means nothing to you.

Hello Bank of America,
How about adding in upload feature that lets the users upload a picture that really means something to them?


  1. I agree. It's terribly stupid. I had to set this all up a few weeks ago. I'm not sure I understand how it makes it safer but it's the most bizarre login I've seen.

  2. I totally agree with you on that. I think I got penguin yesterday...

  3. Ok - I agree it's bizarre...but I like my icon. I think if some one tried to "scam" you - they wouldn't know your icon and couldn't reproduce it? So once you set it up - always look for your icon to pop up or it's a "scam" site....right? They have a million icons - surely you could find one that you could live with.

    Oh I'm visiting your blog because it is OF NOTE. I'm a newbie to this blogging stuff. Hi!

  4. I agree what is the point. I get it everytime I log into my account. I a picture that I could live with but it still has nothing to do with the passcode I use to get into my account.

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Site Key is the stupidest thing I've ever used. I've wasted more time with that crap than anywhere else. Whomever invented it should be shot. It's that bad. Let's put it this way. I paid off my bank of america credit card and stored it away so I never have to think of this nightmare again. ARRRGGG!