Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Boston Globe now owns Your Photos

Your Photos - The Boston Globe -
By submitting your photo(s) to, you agree that such photo(s) and the accompanying information will become the property of and you grant, The Boston Globe, Boston Metro and their sublicensees permission to publicly display, reproduce and use the photographs in any form or media for any and (all editorial and related promotional purposes) purposes..


  1. So why submit in the first place?

  2. I submitted because it's NEW!!! and I'm attracted by new things.

    It's like in the supermarket. You know those NEW!! whole wheat fig newtons? I bought them.

    So I tried the Globe Photo service and now I won't anymore.

    They say they own my photo now. Does that mean that they also own the one I have framed in my living room?

  3. There are lots of places that are taking away rights in peoples' work: YouTube, BBC, Scoopt, BlipTV, Daily Telegraph. Just read the small print before you upload.

    I have been looking around for somewhere to host videos instead of on my main server. It isn't easy to find somewhere. Uploading at seems troublesome.

  4. As far as I know, does not take away your rights.

    Also, I've spoken to people at hte Globe abiut changing thier terms. we'll see if they listen.