Friday, January 27, 2006

I missed the last 10 minutes of 24

My Tivo didn't record the last 10 minutes of 24.

What happened after Jack walked in to see Tony?


  1. Bad guy/doctor tried to kill him -- big fight, Jack stabs him in the neck.

    They grill Chloe's sleeping buddy about why he let him in and he says that he thought he was working for the president -- the Chief of Staff guy got him to do it. So now Jack's going to go after him and kick some a$$ (all within one hour of course).

    I had this on VHS, but taped Lost over it.

  2. The Chief of Staff guy is EVIL.

    Thanks again Ravi.

    We lookked for 24 ON DEMAND on Comcast, but it wasn't there.

    Carol and I were discussing if it was worth paying $1.99 at Apple's iTunes music store to see the last ten minutes.

    19 cents a minute?

    Yes. No wonder why TV shows, on demand, are doing so well online...

  3. And with all the simultaneous action that happens on 24 -- you're getting more action per minute!

    We've been talking about 24 and Lost in my Northeastern class -- they are both examples of both richly woven narratives and high potential for content exploration beyond the television.

  4. This article in the Globe talks about improv groups using audience suggestions to make realtime movies during a show...

    I was thinking about making a a real time video blog entry or entries during the Sunday media maker gatherings at Sweet Finnish.

    It would take it to the next level by doing more than taking suggestions from an audience, but involving everyone that gathers to create a video and post it to a blog.

    This way everyone participates and learns at the same time how to make a video and post it to a video blog...

    Form The Boston Globe:

    "They're already talking with potential collaborators such as video blogger Amy Carpenter and their crosstown rivals the Walsh Brothers, whose ''Great and Secret Show" plays the 10 p.m. Thursday slot at ImprovBoston."

  5. ravi forgot to say that the president's wife is definitely on to the fact that someone is messing with her. the unwitting pres told bad guy chief of staff to send her back to the psych hospital. pres still thinks she's crazy and isn't listening to her warnings.

  6. You need to get a DVR. Or set you tivo time to record for 10 min after the show is over so you get to see all of the show and the upcoming previews. I watch the same shows. I am addicted

  7. I love Jean Smart...all the way back from Designing Women. She rocks...that doggone president husband of hers should believe her!